In case you haven’t heard, HA is back! The fun, friendship, and family atmosphere you enjoyed over the
years is starting anew and we want to engage you, the history and foundation of HA, to not only help
rebuild this special family but to help sustain it. HA has always been much more than just swimming.
Many small or medium sized teams across the country have vanished over time due to several things
but mostly because pool rental fees have tripled over the past decade making it difficult for smaller
teams to continue to exist.

One of Chris’ tenants in the past was to not require HA families to participate in team fund raising. The
reality of today’s world is that will need to change. In addition to finding some business sponsors and
internal fund-raising opportunities, we want to embrace the past, you, to remain part of this swimming

With a new team website, Facebook page, and new styled newsletters, we hope is to include the alumni
swimmers and parents as an integral part of this new chapter in HA history. The plan is to have some
alumni events both standalone and with the current team. There will also be fundraising opportunities
we hope the alumni will be able to participate in, but the most important thing is to reconnect with you.
Though I am semi-retired as a coach, I will continue to keep my coaching credentials current and donate
my time when Chris needs me as well as being a charter member in the Alumni membership which we
will have details on soon. Even though your leg of the HA relay is done, we hope that you can continue
to support those swimmers whose leg of that relay is still to come.

Please keep in touch with HA by visiting the online HA resources below frequently.

HA Forever!
Bob Peck

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