Happy Birthday today to Jackson Campbell.  Jackson turns 15 today.   I’ve been coaching Jackson for many years now and it’s a great thing when I’m able to see him as an 8 & under and now know him as a 15YO young man.  And he is an incredible young man; extremely kind and polite and well-mannered.  Throughout this past summer and fall, he’s done very well with his swimming and I am anxious to see how well he’ll do in the EKU meet this weekend.  So I hope he has a great day today!!

For those who are swimming this weekend, there should be 2 reports.  One is a list of events that each swimmer is entered in, and the other is an entry fee report (the Dolphins are charging $15 for a facility charge per swimmer, another $2.50/swimmer that goes to KY swimming, and $6.00/event, which is pretty normal these days), so you can start to Venmo your entry fees if you’d like.  Although I have NOT received the final announcement as to when each session will start, I thought it would be helpful to at least get these two reports to you.

EKU Entries HERE
EKU Entry Fees

Friday night events:  Event #1-8

Saturday morning events:  All 15 & overs plus 13-14 girls, Event #9-27
Saturday mid-day session for all 8 & unders: Events 29-40
Saturday afternoon session: All 9-12’s plus 13-14 boys, Event #42-68

Sunday morning events: All 15 & overs plus 13-14 girls, Event #69-81
Sunday afternoon events: All 12 & unders plus 13-14 boys, Event #82-104

Each family will HAVE to sign the Covid waiver form before you are allowed to participate in this meet.  Get it done….

Reminder that there is no Thursday afternoon practice tomorrow, Nov. 12, due to an Asbury team function.  And there will be NO practice on Friday and Saturday this weekend due to the meet in Richmond.