September 25, 2022

I can now start taking sign-ups for our first meet of the season: 2022 Barracuda Swim Club Pumpkin Patch meet to be held in Kingsport, TN on the weekend of Oct. 15-16.  If you would like to attend this meet, please return an email to me letting me know this no later this coming Wednesday night, Sept. 28th.  My entry file will be sent on Thursday, Sept. 29th.

At this particular meet, the 12 & unders will compete in the morning sessions, and the 13 & overs will compete in the afternoons.  The morning sessions will begin at 9:00, so stretching will probably be between 7:30 and 8:00 depending on the warm-up schedule.  The afternoon warm-ups are TBA, but probably at about 11:30 both mornings.  For those who plan to use the Ensworth meet as a “rested” meet before Christmas, like we’ve been doing for the past several years, there are only two meets before this one, so Kingsport is rather important for some.  Please pay attention to the deadline for entries.  You won’t get another reminder and I won’t be doing late entries. 

*For those who are new to the team, if you would like to attend, all you have to do is return an email to me.  I will enter your child(ren) in all appropriate events and then return an event schedule to you.  You should take this event schedule to the meet with you.  I will also distribute an entry fee sheet, which will show you the amount that you’ll need to either bring a check to me, or Venmo your entry fee amount to Bobby.  These entry fees should always be reimbursed to the team before the meet begins.  Once entered, host teams will never refund entry fees even if you cannot attend.  For this Kingsport meet, each individual event is $7.50.  I usually enter each swimmer in 3 or 4 events per day.  For each meet, there is also usually an LSC surcharge (which the host team has to pay to their LSC – so for every meet that we attend in KY, there is an LSC surcharge per swimmer that goes to KY Swimming).  And, there is always a facility fee ($18 for this Kingsport meet), which is what team’s now charge instead of paying an admission fee when you get to each facility. 

When signing up for a swim meet, please know that if you are not able to make the entire weekend, you can always do some of the meet and not all of it.  Some is always better than none.

The State cut sheet is also attached to this email.  You can always find this on the KY website, as well.  These are the time standards necessary for the State meets in March.  Looking at our meet schedule, if someone is not able to make these cuts (which is the majority of the team), you should always plan on doing the meet in Versailles during the first weekend of March. 

Early morning workouts were listed to start on the first Tuesday of October, which is not true.  These morning workouts will begin on the second Tuesday of October, which is October 11th.

Our annual Halloween party has now been scheduled for Saturday, October 29th.  More information will be coming out about this soon.  Please mark your calendars.  This is a team social event that you’ll probably not want to miss.  Please know that I’ll need some help throwing this party, so be prepared.  All hands on deck!!

Many have asked about what meet we’ll be doing in November.  I’m sorry that this has taken so long, but I wanted to make sure the LEXD team was not planning to host a meet in early November in Richmond.  They are not.  So, our best option will be to attend the SKY Swimming Fall Fest in Bowling Green on the weekend of Nov. 11-13.  Although this is a little farther drive than Richmond, it is the best option.  This is an effort to avoid Breeder’s Cup weekend, and be the right amount of time before Ensworth.  This weekend will be 4 weeks since Kingsport and 3 weeks before Ensworth, which is ideal.  This meet weekend will somehow include a trip to Mammoth Cave, which I’m working on now.  I realize that BG is already on our schedule for a January meet, but this will have to do.  It was a perfect meet for us last year, and I think it will be again for us this year.  Our “mock” meet, like we did last year, will take place in early November.  Details soon. 

Looks like Ryder Nelson becomes a teenager this week.  Happy Birthday to Ryder, who turns 13 on Wednesday!!

We’re now officially two weeks into our season, and it has been two really good weeks for many.  Our schedule has been a little tricky because of the Asbury lessons, but even with that, we’ve had a really good beginning.  Thanks to all, veterans and rookies and coaches – I’ve been excited about the year ahead of us.