Today I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to Matthew Wilson!  Matthew turns 15 today, which is so hard for me to believe since he’s over 6 foot tall now, and I met him when he was 6″ tall.  He has grown into such a handsome, well-built, extremely polite gentleman.  It was an absolute blast to have him become involved with our swim team this summer, to say the least.  He is now playing football, but I’m excited that he may also swim when football is over.  I hope he has a great day today!

But I’d also like to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Shelby Gaddis.  I had full intentions of sending out an email on Sunday to wish Shelby a happy 13th birthday, but I ran into some problems, or the problems actually ran into me.  I was not able to send this out on Sunday, but I hope today will do.  Recently you read about how sad I was for Amelia Lee, who also turned 13 and missed out on the oppontunity to swim in two big meets while she was still 12.  This is exactly the same for Shelby.  Yes, it might be fun to become a teenager, but it would’ve also been fun for Shelby to have experienced another couple of big swim meets as a 12YO.  Shelby is a wonderful young lady and I know great things are ahead of her in this sport, so we’ll just have to move on and make the most of what life brings us.  I hope Shelby had a great birthday!

I’ll see you tonight at the parent’s meeting!