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Lots to read here from the meet host.
But please make a note that I’ll need ALL 12 & unders to stretch at 7:45 both mornings, and all 13 & overs to stretch both days at 11:45.The timelines look good!Let me know if you have questions….Thanks.Chris

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Thank you for the time and energy you have given to your teams in this crazy season to have them ready to compete in our Pumpkin Patch Meet this weekend. We are excited to host the meet and have taken precautions to ensure that everyone can be safe while still enjoying our sport.

There is a lot of info in this email. Please share it with your swimmers and their parents. In order to help people understand some of the logistical changes at this year’s meet, I have posted a short Welcome Video on our team website ( on the meet landing page ( Please have your team watch it. Also on that page is a brief video orientating everyone to the new Finis backstroke wedges that the Kingsport Aquatic Center now has.

I have attached a meet timeline, warm-up schedule, ZOOM links, heat sheet and psych sheet.  These are also posted on our website.

WARM-UPS: The morning sessions will have two warmup periods. BSC will be in the first period and visiting teams get to sleep in and come for the second period. There are lanes reserved in the competition pool each day so teams assigned to the shallow pool can practice with the backstroke wedges if they wish.

There will be one warm up period for the afternoon sessions. Because the backstroke wedges will only be available in the competition pool, there is time allotted for those teams warming up in the shallow pool to come over to the competition pool to try them out.

There will be a 15 minute open warm up period prior to the 500 freestyle events on Saturday afternoon.

Coaches are responsible for making sure that swimmers adhere to adequate social distancing during warm ups. Please limit the number of swimmers in your lanes to no more than 7 at a time.

The KAC staff will be doing a thorough disinfection of the facility between the morning and afternoon sessions. In order to give them time to do this, there will be a break after the last morning event and prior to the afternoon warm ups. The KAC facility needs to be cleared during this time. Please have all swimmers remove their personal gear from the pool area during this time. Swimmers in the afternoon session must wait until the disinfection is completed before entering the KAC.

LUNCH: Coaches and officials will have lunch served in the pavilion at the outdoor water park during the disinfection break.  Swimmers are not allowed on the outdoor pool deck or in the pavilion.           

Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines, we will not be able to have our Annual Great Pumpkin Relay this year. Sorry 

Entrance to the KAC will be available for swimmers and coaches beginning at 7:11 AM each day. Please do not arrive earlier than this, as we need to give the staff time to do their pre-opening assignments before letting people into the facility. 

We will not have a swim shop available for our meet. The swim shop appreciated our invitation, but felt that they could not adequately staff the event given their current employee situation.

HEAT SHEETS: While we normally sell heat sheets at our meets, in order to minimize contact (including handling money) we will be posting the heat sheet on the meet web page, as well as making it available for free via Meet Mobile. There will be printed heat sheets available for coaches.

EVENT CHANGE: In the initial Meet File, the Open Girls and Open Boys 100 Breaststroke events were erroneously duplicated. Therefore, event # 22 & 23 were superfluous. I simply moved anyone entered in those two event numbers into event numbers 20 & 21 (still the Open 100 Breaststrokes), respectively, and deleted the extra events. The other event numbers in the meet remain unchanged. 

MASKS & SOCIAL DISTANCING: Everyone must wear a mask in the KAC and on the pool deck of the water park unless they are competing or able to maintain at least 6 feet of social distance. While individuals may have their own personal or political views on this topic, if one is choosing to participate in this meet, as a swimmer, coach, official, or spectator, then that person is choosing to follow the rules which are put in place for public safety. 

MEET TIMELINE: We are predicting about 2 minutes between heats in order to move everyone (swimmers and spectators) into their proper places. With this relaxed timeline, we can still run 8 lanes, have decent rest between events and be finished with each session in a reasonable amount of time. The only scheduled break during the meet will be on Sunday afternoon after the 200 Butterfly events, in order to give the 200 Flyers adequate rest. (Or we can just randomly add some people to the 200 Fly to increase the number of heats – ðŸ˜Š ) 

TEAM AREAS: Team areas will be spread around the indoor pool area at the Kingsport Aquatic Center. Only swimmers, coaches, officials, meet workers, and a single team monitor per team will be allowed on the pool deck.

Each team is required to provide and designate one team monitor.  These people shall be adults responsible for the behavior and adherence to safety protocols for members of their team on the pool deck. A coach not acting in a coaching capacity during a session may assume this role. The theory is that someone familiar with the children on the team will be in a better position to identify, monitor and correct their behavior.

On Saturday morning, the KAC will be holding swimming lessons in the play pool by the indoor water slide. Please respect their members and stay clear of that area. 

Parents and other spectators will be restricted to the parking lot adjacent to the outdoor water park. (Think of it as a swimming tailgater!) CDC and local guidelines require at least 6 feet of separation between non-related persons.

Please leave the parking spaces in front of the KAC building for use by the YMCA patrons.

We had a choice to either limit the number of spectators (ie: one per child) who could get into the facility, or allow more parents to watch their children by bringing them in and out of the facility during the meet. We opted for the latter.

Swimmers are welcome to move freely from inside the KAC to the parking lot to be with their parents, if they wish. They should exit and enter the KAC facility through the lobby. 

Coaches will be spaced out along the Lane 8 side of the competition pool.  In order to maximize the space available for coaches to debrief their swimmers after races, no tables will be provided. Coaches are encouraged to bring their own chairs, as those will probably be more comfortable than the KAC chairs. However, if you need a chair, we will get one for you from the KAC. 

BULLPENS: We will have two – one for swimmers and one for parents who want to watch their children race. Except for the competitors in the 25 yard events, swimmers must wear their masks when reporting to the bullpen.

Bathrooms for parents and spectators are located in the KAC lobby and will also be available by the Spectator Bullpen in the pavilion. Swimmers will have access to the locker room facilities. Coaches, officials, and workers may use the bathrooms located on the pool deck. 

There will be a coaches’ and officials’ hospitality room located by the starting end of the pool.  There is a limit of 10 people at a time in the hospitality room. Lunch for coaches and officials will be served outside in the pavilion. 

When you arrive, please check in to receive your coach’s packet, sign the meet waiver and pay your entry fees (if not already done), and provide proof of current USAS membership.  Using Deck Pass is acceptable for USAS registration proof. 

If there are any known scratches, please let us know when you arrive.  The 500 Freestyle will be a deck seeded event. Please sign in at the Clerk of Course by the end of the afternoon warm up period. 

500 Freestyle Events: These are deck-seeded events. Swimmers will need to provide their own counter (1) and timer (1) for this event. If another swimmer is acting in one of these roles, then they can report to the respective location at the beginning of the event (wear your mask!). If a parent or other adult is acting in one of these roles, they may enter the pool area one heat prior to the swim and remain on the deck adjacent to the warm up pool until the swimmer’s heat is called to the blocks. (Again, wear your mask!) 

General locker rooms are restricted to 6 people at a time during the meet.  The four family changing rooms are also available.  No gear may be stored in the locker rooms.  We encourage swimmers to come with their suits on and prepared to enter the water, and plan to shower and change at home or the hotel after leaving. 

The meet will also be Zoomed live for those parents who wish to watch the races from the comfort of their car, hotel room, or other location. The Zoom address may be shared so that fans not at the location can see the meet, also. The Zoom link can be found on the meet page on our website. 

For those families (and coaches) interested in other things to do while in Kingsport, feel free to access the Kingsport Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website at

Swimmers may bring snacks into the meet. Please properly dispose of all trash, especially in team areas after the meet has concluded.  Glass containers of any kind are not allowed in the building or around the team areas.           

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the KAC grounds. Electronic cigarettes are also encompassed by this regulation. Anyone needing to smoke must leave the premises (including the parking lot) to do so.           

If I can be of further service as you prepare for our meet, let me know.

See you on the deck!

Chris Coraggio

Head Coach

Barracuda Swim Club of Northeast Tennessee

BSC Pumpkin Patch Meet (Closed Invite)

Oct 17, 2020 – Oct 18, 2020

Click to watch welcome video

Please find the general meet info HERE

Psych sheet HERE