HA has been “pre-accepted” into two meets that I’d like to attend in June:

1) We will be attending the 2023 Bank of Tennessee Model City Invitational in Kingsport on the weekend of June 9-11.  It has been several years since I’ve attended a LC meet in Kingsport, but it is a great meet.  Most of you are already familiar with the facility.  They always open up the Water Park for the teams on Saturday after the session is over, which is fun for the kids.  But this is also 3 weeks after our 1st LC meet, which is perfect, and it should give us a little long-course training time before we go, so the timing is good.
2) We will also attend a meet in Evansville, IN on the weekend of June 23-25.  This meet is called the Great Shark Bait Showdown, held in a very nice Deaconess Aquatic Center. For those who intend to swim in July, this should be a very important weekend because we don’t want to go anywhere on the following weekend (assuming it will probably be 4th of July weekend), and then the weekends after that would be too close to the Cardinal Last Chance meet (July 15-16) and LC State meet (July 20-23).
I do think both of these meets make for a great summer schedule.